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Proven Adsense Tips, Tools and Tactics to Make Money Online

by. Peter Phillips

It already seems a long while ago that Google Adsense was the flavor of the month throughout the world of internet marketing. There were tales of great wealth to be made just by putting up lots of sites and filling them with Adsense. It was at one time considered one of the easiest ways of making money online. 

However, many have found that despite putting up hundreds of sites, their Adsense income is only reaching a few dollars a day, if that. So what happened? 

You have to remember that Adsense is primarily for the benefit of the advertisers, not the webmasters who put the ads on their sites. Therefore, Google will always place the advertiser first when looking at sites on which Adsense is displayed. Google now comes down hard on sites that are put up solely to get income for the site owner, with no real content apart from the ads. With some webmasters trying sneaky methods to make the maximum amount of money from their Adsense, and making Adsense the focus of their site rather than the content, it is not surprising that Google is continually looking to improve their image. 

For this reason, Google has changed the rules since those early days, and many webmasters saw their Adsense earnings decimated. Also site visitors are a lot more knowledgeable these days, and they are a lot less inclined to click on ads than they once were. 

All these things have conspired to drive the earnings from Adsense downwards. So, is there any money still to be made from Adsense? 

The key to making money online with Adsense is the placing of ads for high paying keywords on pages that are 
receiving high traffic. The more expensive the cost-per-click to the advertiser, the more money you will receive. Therefore do not target low cost-per-click keywords or place your ads on pages which do not receive a high traffic count. 

There are three major ways that site owners are now using to make money online from using Adsense. 

1. Getting a high traffic count. Check on your logs to see if your promotional activities are resulting in more visits to your site. More traffic generally means more clicks, and therefore more money for you. 

2. Seamlessly integrating the ads into the general content of the page. An example is to make the Adsense block of ads look like it is part of the sitemap menu, using the same colors and similar format. 

3. Making sure that the Adsense ads are relevant to the page content by making your header tag relevant to the content. 

When done well, these three factors should produce the maximum amount of revenue from a page. This strategy works well on sites that focus on good relevant content for their visitors. 

One other particularly good money-making feature of the new Adsense is the ability to put filters on up to 200 urls. This means that webmasters can block out low value keywords from their pages. And take only those ads that pay well while discarding the rest. 

So, there is still reasonable money to be made in Adsense, but not perhaps the six figure incomes that some marketers were claiming in the early days, but webmasters must ensure that they comply with all the ever changing guidelines that Google is producing for Adsense, or they run the risk of having their Adsense account suspended. 

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Four Ways to Make Money With AdSense to Make the Extra Cash

by. Alan Lim

You can make money with AdSense but with these four techniques you’ll be able to boost your revenue by leaps and bounds and arn the extra cash. 

If you have or are thinking about signing up for Google AdSense, you already know the potential financial benefits of such a move. However, you may not know there are a lot of great ways to make money with AdSense. Below are four of the best ways you might want to consider to increase your cash earnings. 

Create a Newsletter 

If you are hosting the AdSense advertising on your own site, the goal is to increase the traffic to those pages. One of the best ways to do this is to create a newsletter that can easily be distributed to a large group of individuals who would have an interest in the keyword phrase associated with your content. The newsletter could include free articles reprinted from directory sites or you could write original content depending on your preference. You could have people subscribe to your newsletter or you could send it out through sites such as Yahoo Groups or similar networks. Remember to include plenty of links back to your web site so you can make money with AdSense in this way. 

Use Email Signature 

One of the easiest ways to make money with AdSense is by adding an email signature to all of your accounts. The  
signature should include the URL back to your AdSense web site. Now the big question is what other type of content to 
include along with that URL. Some people would recommend using some types of sales-related message or a brief bio. The reality is most people aren’t going to be persuaded by these obvious marketing techniques. Try to be a bit more subtle – consider using a quote (from someone famous or one of your own) instead. A humorous statement can sometimes work as well if it’s in good taste and related to the content of your site. 

Send Teaser Emails 

If you have a large number of email addresses that you’ve accumulated from other sites and projects or if you just want to take some of the emails from all of those forwards and unsolicited emails you’ve received over the years then you might want to put these to good use. Write a short email saying that you think the recipient would be interested in your site. Include the URL and send out the emails en masse. It’s one of the best ways to make money with AdSense and earn the extra cash. 

Use Links from Sites 

Another way to boost your exposure and to make money with AdSense is by using links. If you have other sites that are somewhat related, consider cross-linking between the two. For example, if you had one site about dog training and another site selling puppies, you could add links to content pages on one of the sites that link back to the other site’s pages. This way you’re going to reach a larger number of people. You can receive double benefit from all of the site marketing you have done and that’s going to give you a better value for your money.

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Make Money With AdSense : Three Revenue Generating Ideas

by. Alan Lim

There are a number of good ways to make money with AdSense but the secret is uncovering some of the more interesting and effective ways. Here are a few of the best. 

Many of Google’s products have revolutionized the idea of Internet marketing, and AdSense is no exception. If you already have a web site or are serious about putting one together that has good search engine optimization, there are some excellent ways to make money with AdSense. Here are just a couple. 

Distribute Free Articles 

In order to increase traffic to your AdSense site, your top priority needs to be spreading your URL throughout the Internet. The more people who come across the URL the more chances you’re going to have people who will be able to reach you. However, if you don’t know how to boost that traffic, one of the easiest ways is with the distribution of articles. Many sites will allow you to submit articles for free. Then these articles can be duplicated for free by other users as long as they include your resource box. Within that resource box, you need to include that URL. 

When people follow the URL back to your site, they will also find the AdSense articles and will be more likely to click on them and earn you some much desired revenue. Remember the better your keyword selection and the more targeted your traffic the better the results are likely to be. That’s one way to make money with AdSense. 

 Head to Message Boards 

Another good way to generate greater exposure for your site on the Internet is by spending a great deal of time at message boards and in forums. Each time you post in these forums or ask a question, you have the chance to include a signature line that can include almost anything you want, including links. You can even add the link into your reply to another question. For example, if your site is about weddings and you have AdSense ads about wedding stationery, you could answer questions about this topic by directing people back to the site and to the ads. This way to make money with AdSense requires a little bit more work because you need to be in those forums regularly to get your message across but you can always hire a couple of trusted people to assist you in your endeavor. 

Work on SEO 

Another good way to gain exposure for your site and to increase your ability to make money with AdSense is by improving your search engine optimization. A well optimized site is going to rank higher than the competition thus it will have more traffic. Plus, if you’ve done a good job with your keyword research that extra traffic is going to be targeted and will be a better return on your investment than others. The bottom line is that SEO is definitely a good way to make money with AdSense. 

Bottom Line 

If you are interested in being one of thousands of people who have started earning a steady stream of revenue through AdSense advertisements on their site, then the ideas above will definitely help you boost those numbers.

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Effective Tips on Adsense For Good Profit

by. Balakrishna G

This article will guide you on adsense tips like adhering to Google's Terms of service (TOS), policies, rules and regulations of the programme. These TOS may be regarding placing of ads, quality content, webmaster rules and clicks etc. 

First of all please adhere to Google's Terms of service (TOS), policies, rules and regulations of the programme. These TOS may be regarding placing of ads, quality content, webmaster rules and clicks etc., 

Do not click on your own ads: We may come across some of them who click on their own ads to earn a quick money and getting banned from adsense. But in some cases we click our own ads by mistake which we need to avoid. In case if you want to view the landing page of the ad, you can directly check thru the Internet explorer rather than clicking on our own ads. Google keeps record of all clicks. 

Do not place ads exceeding the adsense requirement. For better result place few ads per page. You can try placing in different locations. Usually, Medium rectangular type ads provides good results. It is suggested to place ads inbetween the body of web page. 

Now coming to content of website which is the base of website and adsense. DO NOT place google ads on the webpages with no content. Google pays for the ads displayed on the content page. Your website should have a good quality content. Please try not to have a duplicate content which you may get from various sources. 

Please follows website rules strictly. Your website should have a friendly navigation. Readers should not have any problem while navigating your webpages. It is better to have a sitemap. Do not display google ads on website which is under construction. 

 Now lets talk about how to earn more revenue from adsense. The first only way is "Traffic". More traffic means more 
hits which means more earnings and more conversions, more money. But the questions is how to drive traffic? 

There are many ways to drive traffic like search engine ranking. However, we all know search engine ranking is a time consuming. Your website shall take several weeks/months to drive a reasonable traffic. 

But there is another way to drive traffic instantly, that is buying traffic. For instance I have bought traffic from Google Adwords. Signing up process for Google Adwords is easy. You can visit google adwords for signing up. 

When I started using Google Adwords for driving traffic, I started getting lot of traffic but at the same time I was also paying towards Google Adwords ending up not making much profits. Then I started analyzing on costing and ad placements. I found that my CTR - Click thru rate is only about 40% to 50% which is not so good for profit. Later, started placing ad in different directions and with different sizes of ads. 

I found most of big banner ads on the top of the page and medium rectangular ad inbetween the content working fine. My CTR went up around 65%. which is reasonably good. However, CTR around 70% is said to be very good for good profit. Even after 65% of CTR I was not able to make much profit. There was something wrong with my website. No, actually, there was excess investment towards adwords. 

Hence, I started working on Adowrds costing vs. Adsense earnings. I found that, I was paying to Adwords equivalent to what I was getting from Adsense. This was my main key point for profit. Finally, I selected some low cost keywords from Adwords and fixed CPC lower than the adsense CPC. Now, I am getting reasonable profits. 

Finally, we shall conclude with the understanding that for earning good profit from adsense it is just not enough working on ad placement and ad campaign but it is also equally important working on costs.

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3 Ways to Make Money With AdSense Using Viral Marketing

by. Alan Lim

Viral marketing is definitely a powerful Internet phenomenon. However, it can be harnessed to help you make money with AdSense in at least three unique ways. 

Most people who have more than a passing knowledge of Web 2.0 technology understand the magic of viral marketing very well. What they may not know, however, is how to harness that immense power in order to make money with AdSense. Here are some suggestions. 

Use Your Email 

One of the cleverest uses of viral marketing has always been the Hotmail example. Users of the free email service had messages asking recipients to sign up for accounts at hotmail. As a result, their sign-up message would be spread to millions and millions of people all around the world. The result was an increase in registered hotmail users and indisputable proof that viral marketing could be a powerful too. 

If you want to make money with AdSense, you can do something similar. Create some type of site that requires registration and use this for your AdSense ads. For example, you might have people register to receive something for free, such as a newsletter subscription or a free ebook. Mention the site in the signature of every one of your emails. When people go to register, they will be on the same page as your AdSense ads. That’s one way to make money with AdSense. 

Use YouTube 

 YouTube has become one of the biggest phenomena to hit the Internet ever. It’s also a great tool for viral marketing 
because those great videos can be spread and shared with millions of people quickly and easily. Plus, most people don’t consider receiving a YouTube link to be spam (since they are normally sent by people who know them) so it’s more likely to be viewed than other types of links. 

To make money with AdSense this way, create a fun and creative video that is going to capture the attention of your audience but which may also be relevant to whatever your site is about. Put the spot on YouTube and incorporate your URL into the clip with a message such as “To see more” or “For more information on this clip.” 

Use Your Friends 

Social networking has also really taken off in recent years. If you want to make money with AdSense, you can use this trend to your benefit as well. Most social networking sites have a way of compiling your friends. While some of these people may be legitimate acquaintances, the rest probably are not. 

Put together some type of email message that would be appealing to a large number of the friends. Maybe the email could direct them to a fun site full of quizzes or movie trivia. Then you have that material on your website along with your AdSense ads. As a result, your site gets more traffic and many of those visitors will be likely to click on the ads to earn you revenue. 

Other Tips 

No matter which of the viral marketing idea you use above to make money with AdSense, be sure to test it carefully first to make sure it will work as you desire.

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Increasing AdSense Revenue - Four Simple Tips to Follow to Increase Your Income

by. Alan Lim

Placing the Google ads on your site is only one part of the process; you also need to know some tips for boosting your AdSense revenue, too. 

AdSense can be a great tool for earning an extra stream of income for your business or from your blog. Maybe you’re already bringing in a steady amount of cash this way. However, the following tips can help you earn even more AdSense revenue. 

Consider Ad Placement 

Where you choose to have the ads placed on your site can have a great deal to do with the number of click-throughs you are generating. The very best place to have the ads situated is at the top of the page. That way they immediate grab the visitor’s attention. If the design you’re using doesn’t have free space at the top, the second best choice is to have the ads listed on the left hand side of the page. Because people in the West read from left to right, their eyes seem to gravitate towards what’s in that left-hand column more than what appears in the right. 

Another idea is to have your content wrap around the ads. This should definitely not be your first choice because some visitors will find this approach very annoying. However, it is a better choice than having them at the bottom of the page where most people are not going to even go. 

One Topic per Page 

Another way you can boost your AdSense revenue is by making sure that each page of your web site’s content is  
focused on a single topic. That makes it easier for you to 
optimize each of your pages for targeted keywords and that means you’ll generate the most relevant ads possible. Additionally, this will help you in your search engine optimization efforts and that can score you a higher ranking which will attract more traffic to your web site. 

Keep Your Pages Simple 

Although you may think you want to have pages that will be attention-getting for people who arrive at your site, the reality is the more spectacular your pages, the less attention your ads are going to get. Research has shown that plain pages are a better choice because they have fewer distractions. Without the distractions, people are more likely to click through your ads. And that’s what you want because you’re going to be able to increase your AdSense revenue that way. Plus, if you keep anything too graphic-intensive to a minimum, your pages will load faster and that is likely to keep your visitors around long enough to see the ads. 

Avoid Extra Links 

If you’re going to be building AdSense revenue through your site, do not add any additional links on the page. Those extra links will serve as another distraction and will take visitors off your page and away from your AdSense ads that are your money makers. Normally, links are a good thing because they help with search engine rankings. However, you don’t want to risk losing AdSense revenue. You could consider adding links to other pages that belong to you that also contain AdSense ads if you want to benefit from links.

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Adsense Template Requirements For Success!

by. John Dow

Any good Adsense Template should be somewhat of a different animal than a normal web site template. Most Adsense websites require lots of new and fresh content on a regular basis. So you want an easy method to update and add content. 

Any Adsense ready template should have features designed around easy updating, fast changes, and be flexible enough to accomdate many different subject matter topics. 

There are several ways to do this, depending on the flavor of your server operating system. Linux/Unix users use Server Side includes and Pearl or PHP scripts. Windows servers can use PHP but most use ASP or .NET scripting. I won’t go into which one might be best; it really is more of a cost and personal preference decision. 

Regardless of your OS, you want to have the basic information like menus, article or page listings, copyright, and even adsense layouts managed centrally. One spot changes (change the information in one section and it appears on every page) are the way to go to save time and effort. 

You could go with a content management system, but they get pretty pricey and complicated, even for the most basic offerings. Like in most situations, keep it simple and you can’t go wrong. So make sure that you have an easy way to update on the backend of any Adsense Template you are considering. 

The next factor to consider is how well the design will work across multiple subject areas. You may want to use the Adsense Template with different subject matter, for multiple Adsense websites. It should be versatile enough for say exercise subjects and-or gardening subject areas. Flexibility is key to multiple websites with different areas of interest. 

Speaking of versatility, you want to be able to test both the placement and layout of your Adsense ads too. Each style and subject may have different performance based on both location and style of layout. So you want to be able to try different methods and positions for each subject matter or website. 

If you are really serious about starting an Adsense website, don’t buy a pre-made website. Why? Because you will  
have the same website as everyone else who buys that product. 
And if there’s one thing that kill any hopes of making money with Adsense is to have about 2-300 duplicate websites that match yours. 

One of the keys to success in garnering traffic from the search engines and acquiring links from other websites is to be unique and offer some real value to the reader. No search engine will rank you well if you have a bunch of twin websites in both layout and content. 

There are a lot of little details in creating a good website, especially if you plan on going with natural traffic (search engine or free links). With all the competition out there in every possible subject area, you need to stand out from the crowd. So any Adsense Template you consider should be adaptable to many different styles and allow you to be unique. 

Changing the colors and graphics should be as easy as the content. Although your Adsense website doesn’t have to have a work of art, you want color schemes that match your subject. A few graphics here and there help improve the readability and once again gives you the opportunity to stand out a little bit from the crowd. 

It’s hard to be creative if you have to manually change every page when you decide to go with a new look. Especially with several hundred pages to change in about five or six places. And the more you have to manually change, the more opportunity there is for mistakes and typos. 

Adsense websites can be a great way to start learning how to setup a website and make a few dollars too. The catch 22 is that you don’t want to spend more time than necessary to get it up and running. And ongoing maintenance can get to be real chore without automating as much as possible when added new content. 

And don’t forget to go read Google’s Adsense terms and conditions. You don’t want to spend all that time creating a website and then run afoul of the basic rules. When ever in doubt, check with Google support and you’ll stay out of trouble won’t get terminated. 

Keep in mind that Adsense income takes a while to build. A lot of it is in relation to your traffic and subject matter, but ad style and placement can make a difference too. So plan for the long haul, do your research on subject matter, and test your layouts. 

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